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high tensile strength and toughness. 4140 contains chromium and molybdenum as alloy-ing elements and may be heat treated over a wide range to give the combined advan-tages of proper hardness, strength and ductility. In conditions where localized hardness may be required, this steel is readily flame or induction hardened. High Hardness Steel P20-HRC 40-Plastic Mould Steel-1.2738High Hardness Steel P20 HRC 40 is the Versatile, Low-Alloy Steel. It has Good Toughness at Common Strength Levels. To put it another way, Steel P20 HRC 40 Contains a Variety of Carbon and its Alloy. This high hardness steel p20 is best for making tools. and plastic mould steel is

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This 1.3247 Steel is supplied in round rods, square bars, flat bars, plates, sheets and blocks. Produced as forged, rolled and cold drawn, it is a cobalt-molybdenum high speed steel. With additional 8% cobalt in the composition, this steel achieves a higher hardness and superior hot hardness. Tools made from this high speed steel have excellent Mold Steel Products - Tool Steel - P20 - P20 High Hard (HH)P20 is a low-alloy tool steel typically used for plastic injection mold cavities and die casting dies. P20 is typically sold in a pre-hard condition with a 28-32 on the Rockwell C Scale. P20 High Hard (HH) Mold Steel (A.K.A. P20HH) P20 high hard is an improved P20 with a 34-38 on the Rockwell C Scale. P-20 Steel - Kohli IronP 20 is a plastic mould steel.It is a pre-hardened material with uniform hardness. Three grades of P20 are Din 1.2311; Din 1.2738; Din 1.2316; Chromium,Molybdenum and Nickel are the main alloying elements of P20 steel.These elements enhance the toughness and

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P20 (1.2311) Pre hardened to approximately 300 B.H (65 t.s.i) P20 requires no further heat treatment therefore avoiding risk of distortion or cracking. Although pre-hardened P20 is still capable of being machined and of giving a good polished finish. Typical applications :Plastic P20 hh Steel - Kohli IronP20 hh Steel. P-20 Hi hard steel is supplied in prehardened condition. Special melting / refining are utilized in order to produce a uniform product which will have exceptional cleanliness. Thus making P-20hh steel being polished to extremely high finish,which is required for plastic molding. Hardness of prehardened steel is 352/461 BHN. Pre Hardened Engineering Steel Bar 33 - 37 Hardness HRC High Quality Pre-hardened Engineering Tool Steel Bar P20 + Ni / 1.2738 / 718H P20+Ni is pre-hardened plastic mold steel. It is used for large, precisionk high polishing plastic moulds, such as car accessories, household appliance, electromic and audio-video products.

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SCM420H Round bar,SCM420H Round steel,SCM420H Rod Gear steel Exporter. Our factory is specialized in gear steel round bar steel material and we can produce the production GB, ASTM, EN, AND JIS standard round bar in Normalized, QT, or Hot rolled heat treatment. The main grade is in the following. 2. Heat treatment situation or delivery status. E. Steel grades The Tool HubJan 30, 2016 · High chromium cold work tool steel with good toughness. Suitable for cold extrusion and forming, cold drawn, punching and blanking of high hardness metal sheet and stainless sheet. LKM 2767:6F7 (High toughness multi-purpose tool steel) Through Hardened:50-52:High strength and toughness, can be hardened to HRC 50~54. p20 tool steel hardness, p20 tool steel hardness Suppliers P20 Steel Hardness DIN 1.2311 Tool Steel With High Quality 1. Chemical composition:C Si Mn Cr Mo P S P20 0.28~0.40 0.20~0.80 0.60~1.00 1.40~2.00 0.30~0.55 <=0.030 <=0.030 1.2311 0.35~0.45 <=0.60 <=0.80 1.80~2.10 0.15~0.25 3Cr2Mo 0.28~0.40 0.20~0.80 0.60~1.00 1.40~2.00 0.30~0.55 2.

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P-20 HI HARD is supplied prehardened to 352/461 BHN. The balanced alloy composition of P-20 HI HARD ensures a uniform cross-sectional hardnes. P-20 HI HARD is mold quality alloy steel supplied in the prehardened condition. Special melting and refining practices are utilized to produce a uniform product with exceptional cleanliness.