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The hardness of carbon and graphite materials is determined according to the DIN 51917 standard. The DIN 51917 standard defines the procedure for determining the Rockwell hardness. The test method described in this standard is a modified Rockwell test method for testing carbon materials with balls in accordance with ISO 6508-1. China Hardness Tester manufacturer, Microscope Sep 26, 2017 · Motorized Rockwell Hardness Tester (HR-150DT) Digital Micro Hardness Tester (MHV-1000/2000, 402SXV) Manual Rockwell Hardness Tester (HR-150A) Material Testing Machines Impact Testing Machine, Paint Testing Equipments DIN Cups Grind Gauges, Electronic Instruments Tachometers Refractometer, Hardwares Tools

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HR-150A Rockwell hardness tester used to detect the metal hardness, used in different applications, such as the Chilled Hardened Steel, quenching and tempering steel, annealed steel, bearing steel, strip steel, harden sheet steel, hardness alloy, etc. We will try our best to provide the best Hardness HR-320MS/430MR/430MS Series 963-Rockwell Hardness Simple to operate; The digital HR320 model uses a flashing bar graph to indicate when the initial test force has been reached. 430 models feature automatic brake and automatic start function that prevents overloading and begins test cycle. The HR430 model also includes the Hardness Testing Machines - Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers HR 45 N:Diamond cone 120° Portable Rockwell hardness testing machine a Rockwell

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Rockwell hardness testing machine with high added value that can measure micro-Brinell hardness and the hardness of plastics Maximum table loading 100 kg Maximum workpiece height 250 mm Depth 220 mm Test force 9.807 - 2452 N (1 - 250 kgf) HR-610A HR-620A. Fully automatic multi-point Rockwell hardness testing machine with Y-axis stage mobility that can measure micro-Brinell hardness and the K Test Equipment INDEX - MitutoyoHardness Testing Machine K-8 Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines HR-530/530L K-9 HR-523/523L K-10 Optional Accessories For Rockwell/Rockwell Superficial Hardness Testing Machine K-11,12 Portable Hardness Testing Machines Hardmatic HH-411 K-13 Hardmatic HH-300 K-14 Hardmatic HH-300 Test Block Set K-15 Quick Guide to Precision Measuring Instruments - Hardness Testing Machines K Mitutoyo HR-320MS/430MR/430MS Series 963-Rockwell The newly designed frame provides maximum clearance for positioning the workpiece. A flat table is all that is needed for mounting these testing machines. Simple to operate. Model HR-320MS Order No.963-231-10A Rockwell and Rockwell Superficial hardness tester. Model HR-430MS Order No. 963-241-10A Rokcwell and Rockwell Superficial hardness tester.

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Rockwell hardness testing machine HR-430MR Order No.963-240 Manually handles test force and preliminary test force selection. Motor drive controls loading sequence. Dual type (Rockwell/Rockwell superficial) hardness testing machine HR-320MS Order No.963-231 Rockwell Hardness Testing systems - QATMResults of a Rockwell hardness test The result of a Rockwell hardness test is determined as follows:In the HRC method, Z is 100 and the scale division Skt is 0.002 mm. If a permanent indentation depth of 0.12 mm is measured, the Rockwell C hardness is 40 HRC.Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine HR-530 SeriesRockwell Hardness Testing Machine HR-530 Series Unique electronic control makes the HR-530 series of hardness testers capable of Rockwell, Rockwell Superficial, Rockwell testing of plastics (A & B) and Light Force Brinell hardness testing. HR-530(810-237)