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  • Enraged PhaseDropsTriviaIf the Boss has less than half of total HP, it will become enraged and will start to use more powerful attacks, as well as attacking much faster and more aggressively. In addition, Enraged Bosses will recover from debuffs faster than usual. At half of its total HP and upon death, they will also drop 10 energyorbs for players to recover. Upon death, they will drop a lot of Gold, materials and energy. There are exceptions, however:1. Bosses like Giant Crystal Crab, Giant Golden Crab, Cave Ice Bug and AnuStatues Soul Knight Wiki FandomStatues are interactive objects found exclusively in rooms indicated by a yellow exclamation mark on the minimap. By giving coins to a statue, the player's character will gain a special effect that is activated when using their skill. The cost of doing so starts at 15 gold, and increases as the player goes deeper into the dungeon (as well as with challenge conditions), and can be reduced with Mask Maker Hollow Knight WikiMask Maker is an NPC in Hollow Knight.Mask Maker is a bug who specializes in creating and painting different kinds of masks. Mask Maker Information. The Mask Maker's location can be found at the northwest side of Deepnest.

    Steel Heart achievement in Hollow Knight:Voidheart Edition

    Oct 06, 2018 · Steel Soul mode is unlocked after completing the game. This is a hardcore version of the game where you have one life and do not respawn upon death. This run will be done on a The Radiance Villains Wiki Fandom

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      At one point in the past, a Higher Being created a race of highly intelligent moths. The moths came to worship the being, referring to her as "The Radiance". But later, a new Higher Being known as the Pale Wyrm arrived and created a kingdom called Hallownest. Most of the Moths willingly forsook their creatoEndings
      Depending on the Knight's progress through the game, three different endings can occur. The Radiance herself only appears at the end of the third ending. However, due to the Hollow Knight being the Vessel imprisoning her, she plays a major unseen role in all three. In the other two endings, the Knight absorbGodmaster
      The Radiance serves as the final boss of the mode, in her true and primal form:Absolute Radiance. As Absolute Radiance, she appears as the final opponent of the Pantheon of Hallownest. Immediately after defeating the Pure Vessel, the Knight is suddenly warped to the top of the Godhome realm, where AbsSkull Knight Berserk Wiki Fandom
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        • StatisticsSkillsTriviaBlack Knight Shovel Knight Wiki FandomBlack Knight (sometimes known as The Black Knight) is a main character and boss who appears in all campaigns of Shovel Knight:Treasure Trove, and a playable character in Shovel Knight Showdown. He is Shovel Knight's enigmatic, yet well-intentioned rival. His fighting style differs from Shovel Knight, despite their same choice of weapon. 1 Overview 1.1 Official Bio 1.2 Appearance 1.3 Infectious Mode Hollow Knight Fanon Wiki FandomThe Infectious Mode is a game mode in Hollow Knight added with the Eternal Palace content pack. It serves as a hardcore mode to the game, similar to Steel Soul Mode. However, the threat of having a single life is eliminated, meaning that deaths will not end the file. The game is harder in different ways, and there are various other changes. Below is a full list of every change that has been