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Abrasion Resistance Plate Alumina Ceramic Tiles as Chute

May 16, 2021 · Its abrasion-resistance is 171.5 times of Chrome steel and 260 times of manganese steel materials and as per our customers' feedback, it could prolong the use life of equipment for more than 10years under same working conditions. Abrasion Resistant Steel PlatesWear Resistant Plates Importer, Stockholder, Suppliers and Exporter of Abrasion and Wear Resistance Steel plates in India. Abrasion and Wear Resistant Steel Plates (Brinell hardness 400 / 450 / 500) Steber Steel offers Abrasion And Wear Resistant Steel Plates. Wear resistant steel pates is used in areas where there is likely to be a high degree of abrasion or wear

Ballistic Steel - Super Target Systems

Ballistic Steel. Our ballistic steel is made in USA, and is typically an abrasion resistant type (i.e. AR500, AR400) steel plate with a high content of carbon designed specifically to have greater hardness properties than low-carbon steel. Hardness typically comes at the expense of strength, making AR wear-resistant steel an ideal material for CN1150979A - High chromium wear-resistant cast steel The present invention relates in a kind of grinding operation that can be widely used in industries such as building materials, metallurgy, mine, electric power, coal the high-abrasive material with high-wearing feature---high chromium wear-resistant cast steel. According to incompletely statistics, in the grinding operation of China's every profession and trade, consume main consumable accessory every year Heat and Wear Resistant Alloys for Cement - Columbia SteelChromium molybdenum steels Columbias grades offer hardness and toughness for cold zone applications. High strength steels Ultra-high strength, high hardness grades of these alloys give excellent service in clinker breakers and drag chain. Manganese steels These alloys are well suited to clinker breaker grizzly bars and hammers. Xtend Process® bi-metallic castings Our proprietary process of producing tough steel castings with high

Nm500 Hardness 500hbw Wear/Abrasion Resistant Steel

Aug 10, 2020 · NM500 Hardness 500 Wear/Abrasion resistant steel plate NM series is a high-strength wear resistant steel plate with high hardness. The Brinell hardness value from 470 to 525 (HBW), and mainly to provide protection in the occasion or part where wear resistance is required, so that the equipment life is longer and the maintenance is reduced. Professional Wear Steel Plate ManufacWear plate also called abrasion resistant steel plate, AR steel plate, is a high-carbon alloy steel plate which is specifically designed for abrasion and wear resistant applications, such as underground mines, cement industry, road construction, mining and open-pit mining and metallurgical industries and manufacturing other wear-resistant parts. ZG60Cr5Mo High Hardness Alloy Steel Full SET of Cement ZG60Cr5Mo High Hardness Alloy Steel Full SET of Cement Mill Liners EB5053 Wear Plates for Shot Blast Machines, Chutes, Clinker Silo,Port Machinery and Ball Mills This specification covers a group of white cast irons that have been alloyed to secure high resistance to abrasive wear in the applications of the mining, milling, earth-handling, and manufacturing industries.


1. High hardness, the Rockwell hardness is hra80-90, the hardness is second only to diamond. 2. The wear resistance is 266 times of manganese steel and 171.5 times of high chromium cast iron. 3. It is light in weight and its density is 3.6g/cm 3, which is only half of steel. It can greatly reduce the equipment load. 4. Convenient construction What Is The Best Wear Resistant Steel To Use In Woodyard Dec 08, 2020 · What Steel Is Frequently Used For Infeed Chutes? Since its development in the mid 1960s, AR400 has been used for abrasion and impact applications in woodyards throughout the country. While it is a better wearing option than mild steel, commodity AR400 type versions act much like an Oreo cookie, where it is only hardened on the outer surfaces.