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A Guide to Silver Markings and Basic Terms

Dec 18, 2020 · This silver qualifies as sterling, but it is slightly softer than sterling pieces marked 925 or simply sterling. Sterling silver (925):This is the standard for silver, identifying a silver item that is at least 92.5% silver mixed with copper to give it strength. Marks on these pieces include 925 or Sterling. Any mark indicating a higher silver content, such as 950, would also qualify as sterling. Confusing Marks on Sterling Silver and Silver Plate

  • American Silver MarksEnglish HallmarksFake and Forged MarksCommon Warning SignsNative American Silversmith HallmarksTo research Native American hallmarks in general, we recommend the following reference books:"Hallmarks of the Southwest" by Barton Wright, "Hopi Silver" by Margaret Wright, "Zuni:The Art & the People Vols. 1, 2,& 3" by Barbara Bell, "American Indian I & II" by Gregory Shaaf, and "Native American & Southwestern Silver Hallmarks" by

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    Feb 13, 2011 · Some of the oldest American silver is "coin," which contains at least 89.2 percent of silver if it was made between 1792 to 1837, an amount set by the U.S. Mint after the American Revolution-which rose to 90 percent in the years after 1837. Sterling, on the other hand, must be at least 92.5 percent silver. FIGURAL AND LITERAL TRADE MARKS ON AMERICAN FIGURAL AND LITERAL TRADE MARKS. ON AMERICAN SILVER. anchors, animals, arrows, bells, birds and wings, candelabra, crosses, crowns. The trademark (or trade mark) is a distinctive sign or indicator used by an individual, business organization, or other legal entity to signify that the products or services, to consumers with which the trademark George Sharp and Bailey & Co. - Spencer Marks LtdDec 30, 2017 · D. Albert Soeffing, "George B. Sharp, A Victim of the Panic of 1873", in Silver Magazine, March/ April 2004. D. Albert Soeffing, "Some Bailey & Co. Marks and Their Significance", in Silver Magazine, November/ December 1995. Dorothy Rainwater & Judy Redfield, Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers:Revised Fourth Edition

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    Apr 12, 2017 · In sterling silver, the ratio of pure silver to other binding metals is 925 parts to 1,000, so sterling from America and Great Britain is usually marked 925." Before 1831, British sterling was also marked with the "lion passant guardant" a lion walking towards the left but turned full face. Since 1831, this stamp has shown the lions Indian Native American hallmarks NWelcome to my website ! Last update on this page:2021/03 - 15 Your help, corrections and suggestions are welcome Feel free to contact me:Alain, [email protected] (Only with clear back & front pictures of Indian Native American jewelry attached please, I'm not a mind-reader!) Indian Native American jewelry marks BB? Yazzie:Benson Yazzie Navajo :Hopi Belvin Yuyaheova :South West shops hallmarks:(Shop owners may not be N.A.) Bell Trading Post Sterling:Bell Trading Post Copper :Your help will be appreciated to name the following hallmarks:Unidentified marks may be fake marks or not Native American:B 1? B 2? B 3? B 4? B 5 ? Navajo :B 6 ? B 7 ? B 8

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    Apr 03, 2019 · These marks mean the same standard as US silver prior to 1870-or 90% silver:COIN. PURE COIN .900. These marks mean the same as a content of 92.5% silver:STERLING. 925. These marks mean electroplated, developed in the US around the Civil War by William Rogers:EPNS Electroplate on Nickel Silver. EPC Electroplate on Copper Silversmiths - NNational Silver Co. New York, NY 1904-1970s Founded by Samuel E. Bernstein. Acquired Cheltenam & Co. Ltd. in the 1940s, F.B. Rogers in 1955, and the Ontario Mfg. Co. in 1956. Zuni Hallmarks- EAGLE ROCK TRADING POST-Native Item # 669A- Zuni Double Turquoise Snake Sterling Silver Rings by G. CALAVAZA. Item #943W- Men's Zuni Triple Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Sterling Silver Double Snake Ring by Joy Calavaza. Item #882X- Vintage Men's Zuni Double Turquoise Snakes Cast Ring sz. 11 3/4 by Effie Calavaza. Item # 553T-Zuni Double Turquoise Stone Snake Stud Earrings by

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    High quality Baltimore style repousse flatware and holloware. Founded in 1892 by Samuel L. Barbour. One of the original firms that formed the International Silver Co. in 1898. This mark was used long after Barbour became a part of International. Manufacturers of sterling and silverplated holloware. (b.1752 - d.1821) Active c.1775 - 1795.