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Precision engineered, Goodway Brass Tube Plugs are ideal for a wide range of tube applications and should be driven into the tube with a hammer, just far enough to form a seal. They are manufactured in sizes to cover chiller and heat exchanger tubes 5/8, 3/4, 7/8 or 1 O.D. with BWG ranges 15-22. Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs- Manufacturer & Exporter.Minor ID = 13 mm. L = 40 mm. FAV Copper Nickel Tapered Tube Plugs. Major OD = 48 mm. Minor ID = 42 mm. length:85 mm. Monel 400 Heat Exchanger Plugs. Condenser Tube Plugging. Brass Heat Exchanger Plugs.

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Unifit Metalloys Inc is one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of Incoloy 825 Tube Plug in India. Buy Incoloy 825 Tapered Tube Plugs, Incoloy 825 Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs, Incoloy 825 Boiler Tube Plugs, Incoloy Alloy 825 Tube Plug at best price for various industrial applications, Incoloy Alloy 825 Tube Plug with extensive size range, dimensions and Standard Specifications. Need Tapered Tube Plugs For Heat Exchangers or Boilers?Product Description. Metal Tapered Tube Plugs offer a low-cost and quick method of sealing leaking tubes. Our tube plugs are easily installed, so you can establish a positive seal with minimal driving in seconds and get your Fin-Fan® / heat exchanger, boiler or condenser back online quickly. Tapered plugs are stocked in more than 20 metals. Tapered Heat Exchanger/Boiler Tube Plugs, Brushes and Tupros heat exchanger/boiler Tube Plugs - 1 Piece. Selection - A tapered tube plug is selected so that the inside diameter of the heat exchanger/boiler tube is approximately matches the mid range of the tube plug's taper. Application - The tapered tube plug is inserted into the heat exchanger/boiler tube and driven in with a hammer to seal off the tube.

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Drive-in Tapered Style Tube Plug Available in any material or size! Contact us now to review our large inventory of tapered tube plugs. If we dont have the size and material on the shelf, we will be happy to custom make a Tapered Pin to fit your needs. We are happy to answer any questions or comments, just give us a call at 201-641-2130 Tube Plugs Archives USA Industries, Inc.Tapered & Expansion Tube Plugs for Heat Exchangers. When repairing leaks in heat exchangers, boilers & condensers, we manufacture and maintain a huge stock of metal tapered tube plugs in carbon steel, stainless steel and brass. We also manufacture our metal plugs in more than 20 different exotic metals, including monel and hastelloy. Tube Plugs for Condensers , Heat Exchangers ,Boilers and Some common sizes of Tube Plugs for Condensers, Heat Exchangers, Boilers and Chillers are.


L A B. Used for Low Pressure Isolation or Vacuum Testing applications (Especially with our Vacuum Leak Detector VLD-2500 - See Section 3, Page 32H). Stocked sizes range from 5/16 tube ID through 4 3/4 tube ID. The plugs are made of Neoprene and are reusable. Temperature range: Heat Exchanger Tapered Tube Plugs - Mercer Gasket & ShimInside our large facility, our manufacturing specialists utilize tightly controlled turning and tapering processes to fabricate your custom components from a range of high performance materials. Available in sizes measuring from 0.375 to 2.5 in diameter up to 6.0 in length, our tube plugs feature a uniform taper and smooth surface finish to provide a positive mechanical contact seal.