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Dec 05, 2013 · Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math Number and Operations Session 7:Solutions Casualties:First World War. Math Forum - Ask Dr. MathAssociated Topics |Dr. Math Home |Search Dr. Math Borel fields Date:08/10/97 at 11:01:42 From:Suzanne Mooney Subject:Borel fields My textbook defines an ALGEBRA as a subset, say C of some set X such that (i) A union B is in C whenever A and B are; (ii)

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Nov 08, 2001 · Date:11/08/2001 at 09:50:45 From:Doctor Paul Subject:Re:Modular arithmetic Why don't you look at these five possibilities:a = 0 mod 5 a = 1 mod 5 a = 2 mod 5 a = 3 mod 5 a = 4 mod 5 If a = 0 mod 5, a^4 = 0 mod 5 if a = 1 mod 5, a^4 = 1 mod 5 if a = 2 mod 5, a^4 = 16 = 1 mod 5 if a = 3 mod 5, a^4 = 81 = 1 mod 5 if a = 4 mod 5, a^4 = 256 = 1 mod 5 - Doctor Paul, The Math Forum http Math Forum - UC Davis MathematicsOct 14, 2009 · Math Forum Ask Dr. Math Discussions Internet Newsletter MathTools Problems of the Week Teacher2Teacher Teacher Exchange "MathematiciansWorkshops Search All of the Math Forum:Go Browse our Internet Mathematics Library Views eed in these public forums are not endorsed by Drexel University or The Math Forum. Math Forum » Discussions » sci Math Resources - Twin Lakes # 4Math lessons, math games, math practice, math fun. Create a Graph:Site allows you to create and print graphs from raw data. Figure This!:Math challenges for families. Math 24 Game:Information and store. Math Counts:Excellent for parents who want to challenge their kids in math. The Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math:Homework resources and help

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The Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math. Explanation of symmetric and transitive properties of equality, as well as the substitution property of equality Planet Blast Equation Game. Pick correct value for the variable; includes negatives Equation Match Game. 3 levels of play; silly characters and sound effects! Repeating decimal 1.45 (45 repeating) as a Fraction or Step 1:To convert 1. 45 repeating into a fraction, begin writing this simple equation:n = 1.45 (equation 1) Step 2:Notice that there are 2 digitss in the repeating block (45), so multiply both sides by 1 followed by 2 zeros, i.e., by 100. 100 × n = 145.45 (equation 2) St. Thomas University:Academic Enhancement Center - Math Forum:Ask Dr. Math. The Internet's premier ask-an-expert math help service. Ask Dr. Math a question using the Dr. Math Web form, or browse the extensive archive of previous questions and answers. The Internet's premier ask-an-expert math help service. Ask Dr. Math a question using the Dr. Math Web form, or browse the extensive archive of

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Math. Math Centers. The Math Forum Ask Dr. Math. Math Forum:Problems of the Week. Mathematics Problem Solving Free Worksheets. Math Tips and Bulletin Board Ideas. Mega-Mathematics! Multiplication Interactive Activities. Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Grades K-5. Math Grades K-5. McDougal Littell Mathematics Grades 6-8. For more n-tuple:Simple Definition, Examples - Calculus How ToTuples can be row matrices, like [0, 2, 3] or column matrices, such as. An n-tuple is commonly used to represent a vector. For example, the 2-tuple [3, 4] could represent a vector in 2D space where the tail of the vector is at the origin and head is at [3, 4]. Similarly, a 3-tuple like [-1Math Forum - Ask Dr. MathDr. Math is the most impressive thing I've found on the internet to this day - and I've been on it a very long time. I'm amazed at the quality and promptness your answers, and you do it without asking for anything in return. You are a true credit to society, thank you! Associated Topics:Elementary Infinity