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Composite Armored Flexible Riser System for Oil Export

May 03, 1999 · Non-bonded flexible pipe has been applied in the offshore oil and gas industry for about 20 years. It is used for dynamic risers connecting seabed flowlines to floating production facilities, and for static seabed flowlines where it is more cost effective to install than rigid pipe, such as in harsh environments, or it is desired to recover the flowline for reuse after a short field life. Conduit Fill Calculator SouthwireA great tool to help electricians, engineers and contractors answer the question, "What size conduit do I use per the NEC®?" The app will calculate the conduit fill percentages and jam probability for multiple conductors per NEC® Guidelines. Simply enter the conduit type and size, then specify your conductors.

Fabrication and W elding

8.8 Pipe bending 366 8.9 Pipe tting 373 Exercises 382 9 Joining processes (mechanical connections) 385 9.1 Mechanical connections (threaded) 386 9.2 Hand reamers and reaming 404 9.3 Rieted v joints 405 9.4 Pop ® Diveting 411 9.5 Self secured joints 418 9.6 Folding and jointing allowance 421 9.7 The Pittsburgh lock 425 Exercises 428 Flexible Conduit Electrical Conduit ScrewfixFlexible cable conduit can be constructed from both plastic or metal materials in a corrugated tubing style to facilitate the bendable structure. In addition to its extremely malleable properties, flex conduit can be easily cut to size to reduce waste and therefore cost. Flexible Hoses Plumbing ScrewfixFlexible Hoses (119 products) A flexi hose, also known as flexible tap connectors, are used to connect taps to the water supply and are a great solution when connecting taps in confined spaces. Choose from the range of highly durable, quickly and easily installed options, some being demountable and reusable.


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  • AbstractIntroductionFinite Element ModelLoad Case, Calculation Results, and AnalysesConclusionsAcknowledgmentsABAQUS is used to create a detailed finite element model for a 10-layer unbonded flexible riser to simulate the risers mechanical behavior under three load conditions:tension force and internal and external pressure. It presents a technique to create detailed finite element model and to analyze flexible risers. In FEM model, all layers are modeled separately with contact interfaces; interaction between steel trips in certain layers has been considered as well. FEM model considering contact interaction, geometrFinite Element Investigation on the Tensile Armor Wire Mar 07, 2018 · Composite flexible pipe is used in the offshore oil and gas industry for the transport of hydrocarbons, jumpers connecting subsea infrastructure, and risers with surface platforms and facilities. Although the material fabrication costs are high, there are technical advantages with respect to installation and performance envelope (e.g., fatigue). US20080283A1 - Flexible Pipe, Its - patents.googleA flexible, typically un-bonded, armoured pipe, and a method manufacturing a flexible pipe. The pipe has a center axis and comprises an inner liner surrounded by a radial armouring and an axial armouring, the radial and axial armouring each comprising at least one armouring layer of armouring profiles wound with winding angles i relative to the center axis.

    What is the difference between PVC and XLPE

    What is the difference between PVC and XLPE The structural elements of wire and cable products can be generally divided into four main structural components of wire, insulation, shielding, and sheathing. For power cables, according to different insulating materials, low-voltage power cables are mainly the following two kinds:PVC insulated power cables and XLPE insulated power cables.US7000645B2 - Armoured, flexible pipe - Google PatentsA flexible, armored pipe is disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, the flexible, armored pipe includes an impermeable liner, an outer armoring layer, and an inner armoring layer. The inner armoring layer includes one or more wound armoring elements, and the outer armoring layer is placed on the outside of the liner, and includes at least two layers of wound armoring elements which are