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SSAW Steel Pipe. Process:Spiral Submerged- Arc Welded Steel Pipe. Usage:Used for low pressure liquid delivery, such as water, gas, and oil; construction and piling. 3PE, Vanish Coating, Bitumen Coating, Black Oil coating as per customers requirement. 3PE Coating Pipe , anti-corrosion pipe , coating pipes3PE Coating anti-corrosion steel pipe base material includes seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe and straight seam steel pipe. This structure is mainly used for FBE's high adhesion, oxidation resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, excellent cathodic peel resistance and high density poly (ethylamide) and acrylic acid resistance

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The 3PE DIN coating steel pipe offers high electric strength, acid resistance,alkali resistance, salt-tolerance, electric insulation, long service life, thermal endurance and impact resistance. The integrated production of our 3PE DIN coating steel pipe guarantees high quality. Applications. The 3PE DIN coating steel pipe is suitable for transferring special materials, such as. 3PE Spiral Steel Pipe in Oil and Gas Pipeline use3PE Spiral Steel Pipe in Oil and Gas Pipeline use 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe for buried pipeline life is critical, the same material pipes buried in the ground for decades and some non-corrosive, and some years it leaks occur. 3PE and FBE Coating Differences for Epoxy Coated Steel PipeThe 3PE Epoxy coated steel pipe is with 3 layer coatings, first FBE coating, middle is adhesive layer, outside polyethylene layer. 3PE coating pipe is another new product developed on the FBE coating basis since 1980s, which contains adhesives and PE (polyethylene) layers. 3PE can strengthen the pipelines mechanical properties, high electrical resistance, waterproof, wearable, anti-aging.

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3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe is used for the protection of complex terrain and severely corroded pipelines. In the construction of oil fields, 3PE anti-corrosion pipe has been transported in domestic oil fields due to its high chemical resistance, excellent mechanical protection characteristics and long service life , Water and gas transmission projects dominate the application. 3PE steel pipe, 2PE Steel pipe, PE steel pipe Apr 06, 2012 · The 3PE Coating Steel Pipe enjoys good impact resistance, abrasive resistance, shock resistance, acid resistance, high quality and long service life. 3PE corrosion in process. Our 3PE coating steel pipe can be used in transferring natural gas, crude oil and refined oil product over long distance. Our 3 PE coating steel pipe can be also used in urban fuel gas piping system, storage tanks and groove piping system, protecting pipe in electricity and communication industries and water piping China API 3LPE Coating Carbon Spiral Steel Pipe Description of API 3PE Coating Carbon Spiral Welded Line Steel Pipe. Standard:

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May 17, 2018 · The weld is so high that there is a gap between the coating (3PE) and the pipe, which makes the corrosion resistance of the steel pipe greatly reduced. 4, Due to the existence of spiral steel pipe gap, the transmission of high-speed fluid there will be a large disturbance, increase the flow resistance, reduce the transport efficiency of the Line Pipe with 3PE/3LPE coating Beijing Metleader Mar 05, 2021 · Line pipe with 3PE/3LPE coating is a kind of high-level anti-corrosive steel pipe. It consists of steel pipe + primer layer + adhesive layer + PE layer anti-corrosive structure. It has high corrosion resistance, high wear resistance and the normal service life is more than 30 years. This kind of pipe has these advantages the main reason is that its good quality anti-corrosive coating. Measures to Avoid Warping at the End of 3PE Anticorrosive Measures to Avoid Warping at the End of 3PE Anticorrosive Steel Tube. The three-layer polyethylene (3PE) anticorrosive coating has been widely used in the petroleum pipeline industry due to its good corrosion resistance, water vapor permeability resistance and mechanical properties. This kind of anti-corrosion coating steel pipe end is prone to

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Jan 30, 2018 · The aging of steel tubes has prompted the birth of anticorrosive steel pipes As carbon steel pipes age, they become subject to wear and tear. They develop weak spots, which can result in small leaks throughout the system. They can also gradually become unsafe, and eventually a failure may occur, causing flooding and water damage over a large area. This can happen both throughout a Introduction of 3PE anti-corrosive coating steel pipe Jan 13, 2020 · The first layer of 3PE anti-corrosive steel pipe is epoxy powder anti-corrosive coating, and the middle layer is copolymerized adhesive with branch structure functional group. The surface layer is high-density polyethylene anti-corrosive coating.